About OCAM Solutions


OCAM Solutions is an independent consulting company founded by Doug Johnson to provide CMC consulting services to pharmaceutical companies.  OCAM specializes in providing technical advice to small molecule drug development companies covering all areas of CMC activities.

Doug Johnson (Ph.D.) has over 20 years of experience in the pharmaceutical industry.  He understands the unique situations faced by small virtual companies.  He headed up of chemistry and manufcturing for 10+ years at Allos Therapeutics where he was Vice President of Manufacturing and Vice President of Pharmaceutical Sciences.  Allos was a virtual company developing drugs for oncology applications.

Since founding OCAM Solutions in 2008 Doug Johnson has worked with a number of companies to help select and manage their outsourced activities, review technical documents, write CMC sections (for INDs and NDAs), perform due diligence on opportunities and whatever else was needed.

The unique strength of OCAM lies in the combination of three elements:

  • Scientifically Trained—Ph.D. in organic chemistry, postdoctoral research, three years at Argonne National Laboratory
  • Industry Experienced—23  years in the pharmaceutical industry
  • Virtual Company Proven—10+ years managing all CMC activities for a virtual company including INDs for 3 new chemical entities and two NDAs

Feel free to contact Doug by email at doug@ocamsolutions.com to see if he can help your situation.